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Free Website Setup Terms


We/Us includes all representatives and the company Cheap Takeaway Websites.

You the Client and the respective company

Website The online ordering website

Code HTML, CSS and PHP code used to create the site.

Hosting Space on a server to hold the website code, database and email accounts

Terms and conditions

We will provide you with a website for the purpose of taking online orders for takeaway food. This website will be designed, built and populated with content free for the term of a year under the following conditions:-

  1. Orders are placed on the website and are sent through to any number of email addresses.
  2. All monies you are paid are collected through the website using your PayPal or Worldpay account (we can help you set this up, you can change any passwords once we are completed) or as cash on delivery
  3. You will be responsible for the first line of contact from the website. You may get support from our team if needed but reports MUST come from you and not from your customers.
  4. You will also be responsible for fulfilling the food orders placed through the site. Cheap Takeaway Websites accepts no responsibility for you not filling an order placed on the site.
  5. You will also be responsible for checking orders for fraud and or bogus delivery addresses. The website will check to see if an address exists but it is your responsibility to double check all orders. Cheap Takeaway Websites accepts no responsibility for fraudulent orders and other malicious activities.
  6. All menu items and prices should be checked before they are uploaded to the site. Cheap Takeaway Menus accepts no responsibility for any losses arising from any mistake on the menu after uploading.
  7. All menu products, descriptions and prices are uploaded via CSV file. Should prices, descriptions or prices require altering you will be required to alter the CSV file (that we provide to you) in order to change the prices online. Cheap Takeaway Websites will upload this immediately and at no extra charge. To alter products, descriptions or prices you will have to supply the altered CSV file via email. Cheap Takeaway Websites are not responsible for any errors or omissions from the menu due to errors in the CSV file. If you do not wish to use a CSV file to update your menu we will charge a minimum of £50 to alter the prices for you.
  8. If you do not own a domain and one can be purchased for you at a cost of £25 per year. We will suggest available options and will purchase the domain only after the £25 is paid.
  9. Hosting for the site is £250 is per year for the hosting, support and website updates plus £25 for the domain renewal for one year
  10. Payment for the second year is due on the 1st day of the 12th month after the website goes live. An invoice will be generated automatically on the 1st day of the previous month of the due date. I.e. if a website goes live on the 20th January the renewal invoice will be sent out on the 1st December and fees are due on the 1st January.
  11. If payment is not received on or before 1st day of the 12th month the website will be disconnected automatically.
  12. Future renewal dates will fall on the 1st day of the same month as for the first renewal. So if your first renewal date is 1st January all subsequent renewals will fall on this date.
  13. If a website is disconnected a reconnection fee of £25 will be charged in addition to the outstanding amount, the website will only be automatically switched on once the outstanding and reconnection amounts are paid.
  14. You cannot alter, update, change your hosting provider and still continue to get support and updates. If you wish to move to another hosting provider we will provide you with a working copy of your website and a licence to use it for £500. This code still does not belong to you but we give you license to use the code 'as is', without the future updates or support. Updates can be purchased separately as they become available.
  15. Minimum term for the website renewal is one year.
  16. All yearly monies paid are non-refundable.
  17. We will provide updates to the website and the code to allow for new features as and when they are developed. This will also be provided for free for the first year and included in the yearly cost after that.
  18. You will not be permitted to own the code that runs the website.
  19. You will be allowed one instance of your website; any others are to be purchased through us.
  20. You can only sell the website licence if you purchased it outright for £500 from Cheap Takeaway Websites; otherwise it remains the property of Cheap Takeaway Websites. You are only permitted to sell the licence to use the website. You may not share or sell the website code, in part or in whole, in any way.

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