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The History of Takeaway Food - Pizza!

The History of Takeaway Food - Pizza!

Cheap Takeaway Menus are just a little bit bonkers and get a touch obsessed about takeaway menu printing. Our takeaway menu design team - bonkers. Cheap menu printing team - bonkers. We can't help it. It's what we do every day. Get our menu printers in a room with our takeaway menu design team and it's a takeaway menu printing convention. We love it. Plus, we get to talk about food at the same time.


In our ongoing cheap takeaway menu discussions we sometimes get a little fixated on one type of takeaway menu design (i.e. one type of food). Recently our menu printers mentioned pizza menu printing and we were away. So for our latest look at great and traditional takeaway food you can thank the cheap menu printing guys at Cheap Takeaway Menus.


The History of Takeaway Food - Pizza. Yay!!



Unless you are visitor from another world where bread is outlawed or you're from a parallel universe where pizza does not exist (imagine that - our menu printers would cry into their inky aprons!) then you will already know that pizza is a flat bread, baked in an oven and usually topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and any combination of dozens of toppings.


The pizza you will find on today's takeaway menus has evolved a great deal since Ancient Greece where simple breads were covered in oil and herbs and cheese.


The modern pizza is, as you might be able to guess, an Italian invention. From Naples came the Neopolitan flatbread, and from the moment eighteenth century peasants decided to add tomatoes to their flatbread the modern pizza came into existence.




Although pizza travelled to the New World with Italian immigrants in the late nineteenth century, its consumption was mostly confined to that community. It was only after World War Two – when returning American GIs craved the tasty bread they had encountered as they moved through Italy – that pizza become more widely eaten. Once that demand was created, the pizza spread across the world. Today it's more popular than ever (particularly with our cheap menu printing team, who right now are imagining a pizza spread across the world).


At first it was popular through pizza restaurants, but now it is predominantly takeaway businesses which drive pizza’s popularity and success. The rise of the takeaway pizza (pizza making joke!) has been phenomenal. Brands like Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are ubiquitous but by no means the only option for anyone with access to a takeaway menu. What a time we are living in, where fast pizza delivery to your door is just a cheap takeaway menu away!


What is the perfect pizza? This is the great debate which rages on between our takeaway menu printing team and our takeaway design team (or, in fact, anyone who dares to bring up the subject in conversation within earshot of the menu printers). Studies show that over a third of the pizza ordering public like a good old fashioned classic cheese and tomato pizza (the Neopolitan is the model for this, but even this is more extravagant than many of the basic cheese and tomato offerings out there). Nothing wrong with that. However, over 50% of us prefer a bit of meat on our pizza pie; in fact half of the top ten most popular pizza toppings are meaty (Can you guess what number one is? Yep, you’re absolutely right).




Sprinkle on a few mushrooms perhaps, or green peppers, olives, or onions and you can’t really go wrong. Each to their own though (pineapple anyone??). It’s one of the great things about pizza: when it comes to toppings, the sky’s the limit.


Are you a thin and crispy or a deep pan? A stuffed crust maybe? Stonebaked? Even gluten free options are available these days. It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. Unbelievably amazing. So amazing in fact that - Oh dear, we are in real danger of getting a little over-excited here again. PIZZAPIZZAPIZZA!!!!!!!!! Sorry.


Whatever your preference, our pizza-making clients can sort it out for you. Pick up that cheap takeaway menu and then pick up that phone. Or if you are takeaway which offers pizza (the kind of people certain of our menu printers think have magical powers) then avail yourself of our cheap menu printing deals and you can make money and save money at the same time.


Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

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