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The History of Takeaway Food - Burger!



At Cheap Takeaway Menus our takeaway menu design and takeaway menu printing is first rate. Our takeaway menu design team works long and hard to fulfil your every takeaway menu design wish and then our menu printers take over and offer you top quality cheap menu printing.

We know the value of great takeaway food ordered from a Cheap Takeaway Menu product. We know that our menu printing needs to be done right to entice your customers and to stand out from all the other takeaway menus out there. That"s why we spend so much time and effort on our takeaway menu printing products. When we do take a break from takeaway menu design and menu printing sometimes we allow ourselves a decent amount of time to collect our thoughts. At other times though, we can only stop for a short break before getting back to the menu printing at hand.

As part of our ongoing series delving into the history of takeaway food we thought we"d discuss a particular delicacy this time, because on these short breaks from takeaway menu design and takeaway menu printing we usually just have time for that fastest of fast foods – the burger. 


We love a tasty burger: beef, chicken, veggie, spicy bean. All varieties are welcome.

It"s hard to believe but the simple burger has had a long, complicated and a controversial history. Any number of people and countries claim to have invented it.

One of the most interesting and frankly so unbelievable it has to be true stories dates back to the time of Genghis Khan. His hordes of Mongol barbarians were sweeping across what would one day become Russia. Charging across the Steppes on horseback they did not stop to eat; instead they would place wrapped fillets of meat beneath their saddles which would crumble and mince as they rode and slowly cook from the warmth of the animal. Not the most appetising of examples, but talk about fast food! This minced meat was slowly adopted by the local population, becoming what we know today as steak tartare.

Centuries later the idea of minced meat travelled from Russia to what would become Germany, specifically the Port of Hamburg. This became one of the busiest transatlantic ports in Europe, with the Hamburg America Line transporting thousands of emigrants to the New World, and their traditional recipes with them. In New York City, the main destination for ships travelling to America, many restaurants started to tailor their dishes to attract the emigrants and the German sailors, offering Hamburg-style beef. This in turn became the Hamburg steak, the next step in the evolution of the hamburger. This was minced beef, salt, onions and breadcrumbs. Some unknown person came up with the idea of placing a Hamburg steak between two pieces of bread. Gradually this became the hamburger, and as the twentieth century wore on, just the "burger". What we know as a burger today can be any type of meat or vegetable pressed into a patty, cooked and placed on a bun.

This is, of course, a potted history, and by no means definitive. Too many people and too many places have laid claim to its invention for anyone to know the absolute truth. The only real truth is that they taste gooooooood!


Some mysterious force, down in the mists of time, places the hamburger anywhere there were outdoor events, concerts, fairs, parks. Anywhere cooked food was sold on the street as an opportunistic meal. Something a customer could eat while they walked. In other words, the original fast food.

The success of the hamburger was built on its ability to be a food which is both fast and cheap. Its simplicity allowed it to be mass produced. New "fast food" restaurants offered an alternative, cheap, social and public dining experience previously unavailable to them. In the burgeoning fast food industry, the simplicity, tradition and mass production of the burger allowed it to rise to the top of the pile. Indeed the first restaurant to advertise in a newspaper was a burger restaurant: White Castle, perhaps the first restaurant chain. It was with the first McDonalds opening in 1937, though, that the future of the hamburger was secured when the McDonald brothers realized that despite there being over twenty five items on their menu, 80% of their sales were from burgers. Regimented recipes, design and service quickly followed. Globalization of the burger fast food industry had begun…

In the modern era, TV advertising has driven the burger to new heights of popularity. The burger is a desirable item and it is marketed as one. Who hasn"t seen the TV spots where the camera lingers over a tidy and tasty-looking burger as a thing to be coveted. "But wait," they seem to say, "you don"t need to covet this. You can have it. Now. And cheaply." It"s a major success which is reflected in the continuing popularity of the burger.

This is a great time to be a burger lover. You can have the traditional hamburger if you like; they are as tasty and varied as they ever were. But today, if you so wish, you can have a chicken burger or a turkey burger, a lamb burger, a barbecue burger, a veggie burger, a spicy bean burger, a tofu burger, a fish burger. You can try one of the more exotic burgers: buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, alligator. And why not? That special mixture of the filling and the bread, with ketchup or mustard, thousand island or barbecue sauce; lettuce and tomato if you so desire, gherkins (the Marmite of the burger world) all combining to produce that amazing flavour, that unique eating experience that is known the world over. The wonderful, tasty, clever and enticing burger…

Phew! Makes you crave a burger just talking about it (“Or a pizza with a burger topping,” said our menu printers). Go and grab one, from one of our menu printing masterpieces. Cheap Takeaway Menus, where you can develop your cheap menu printing order and your appetite at the same time.


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