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Takeaway Ordering Websites and Payment Gateways

NOTE: Although we have provided information previously on payment gateways offered by both Worldpay and PayPal, changes are in effect to Worldpay’s payment gateways and the new information is outlined below. 

We are high quality professional menu printers and specialise in menu printing. In addition to menu design and menu printing we provide online food ordering websites – available with FREE SETUP with all orders made on Cheap Takeaway Menus. We design the website, build the website and populate the website with your menu all for FREE. Why not check out more information.

One of the biggest advantages of an online food ordering website is the facility which allows payment to be made over the internet. Online customers will expect to be able to pay online with their debit or credit cards. It has become commonplace to pay with debit and credit cards while shopping, in particular with online shopping. This is where payment gateways come into play. These gateways will allow your customers to make payment over the internet using their debit and credit cards. Takeaways differ slightly from other online retailers because the produce is delivered within an hour of purchase, so cash obviously remains a very valuable option.

During the first few months following set-up of a new site we always monitor the orders processed to ensure that everything is working smoothly and correctly. During this time we have noticed that the transactions are usually broken down like this - 50% of all orders are paid for by cash, then the remaining is split 25% card gateway payments and 25% PayPal payments. This means that if you do not have card payment facilities included on your website that you could potentially be turning away 50% of your orders, the same can also be said about not having cash as an option. Simply put you need to have both card and cash payment options.

We can only guess as to why the breakdown of payment types is this way. It has been suggested that orders paid using cash arrive quicker, that takeaway customers are traditionally cash users or that there is the extra security that if the food doesn’t arrive you don’t have to pay for it, although there is not yet any feedback to support any of these theories.


At Cheap Takeaway Menus we highly recommend two options for your online payment gateways both of which have their advantages and their disadvantages. We have successfully integrated both Worldpay and PayPal online payment gateways into our takeaway websites. Our clients always ask us which we would recommend between PayPal and Worldpay – we highly recommend using BOTH PayPal and Worldpay as this gives you and more importantly your customers the most flexibility. Choice is always an important factor, the more choice the user has the more confidence they feel.

Advantages of Worldpay

Low transaction fees. Cheap Takeaway Menus we have formed a partnership agreement with Worldpay, Europe’s largest card payment service providers. As such we have successfully negotiated rates for your online payment gateway. If you would like to register your interest with Worldpay and to benefit from the great low rates we have negotiated for you! Simply fill in your contact details and someone from Worldpay will contact you to discuss all of your options.

Pay As You Go - Worldpay have now introduced their own Safer Payments Gateway which they call Clearwater. This replaces the Iridium Pay As You Go option for any new customers (existing customers will continue on their current arrangements). There are no monthly fees to be paid as charges are made on transaction by transaction basis and no minimum transaction amount. The rates are as follows:

Debit Cards - A transaction fee of 0.57% + 10p for businesses with an annual turnover of £150000 where an average order value is between £10 and £40.

Credit Cards - A transaction fee of 1.85% + 10p for businesses with an annual turnover of £150000 where an average order value is between £10 and £40.

The magic numbers here are £150000 and £10-40. If you mention these figures at sign up then you will be given the rates above.

While your transactions remain low this is the best option for your business. Many of our website customers have added a card payment fee to their websites of between 40p and £1.00, this covers the debit card fees and most of the credit card fees depending on the final order value. Take advantage and sign up for FREE SETUP of an online food ordering website and integrate Worldpay with great rates.

Once the volume of your Worldpay transactions increases you will find that it is cheaper to move to a monthly contract. You will need to monitor what fees you are paying to find the cut-off point when a monthly contract becomes your best option.

Contract - The monthly contract fee for new customers is £19.95 plus VAT per month with transaction fees for debit and credit cards available from Worldpay (we will let you know when this information is made available to us). We are in negotiations with Worldpay to be able to offer preferential rates to our customers so watch this space for updates.

It is worthwhile to note that the higher the total value of the card transactions the better the chance you have of negotiating even lower transaction fees. So if you have multiple stores or one very successful store you may be able to negotiate lower fees. If you are a startup or small turnover store then you should expect the fee values we have pre-negotiated for you.

(PLEASE NOTE: Existing customers who signed up with Worldpay before the new rates came into effect will continue at their contracted rate of £15 plus VAT per month, with a 20p charge per debit card transaction, and a 1.3% charge per credit card transaction.)

Easy to make a refund, all you have to do is login into your MMS with Worldpay account online and select “Issue a refund”.


No need for any security on your website as all payment transactions are made on the Worldpay website. When your customer selects the Worldpay payment option your Cheap Takeaway Menus website will automatically take your customer to the Worldpay website where they can safely make the payment. Once completed the users can return to your website, if the payment was successfully taken by Worldpay the order will be completed by the system.

The whole transaction amount is transferred by Worldpay from your customer’s bank account directly into your bank account. Worldpay will send you monthly statements showing all the transactions and fees owed to them, this is then collected via direct debit on a specified date.

You can also get these low rates on PDQ’s terminals inside your store from Worldpay, available on a monthly contract basis. Contact Worldpay for the latest rates.

Disadvantages of Worldpay

The setup process is more complicated than with PayPal and can take a few weeks to get it organised. To gain from our negotiated rates we place a referral at your request with Worldpay. You will then be contacted by one of their team members to discuss the options available. They will then post out a set of application forms for you to fill out, sign and return.

As it is like setting up a bank account you will be required to pass a credit check as part of the process. This is due to the fact that their fees are collected retrospectively after you have been paid.

Despite being Europe’s largest provider of card payment facility PayPal has a better known “brand name” due its long standing relationship with EBay.

We are currently upgrading sites to the newest version which automatically transfers the user's delivery/address data stored on takeaway websites across to the Worldpay payment gateway; this will prevent users from having to fill in their contact details every time they make a payment via Worldpay.

Advantages of PayPal

PayPal has a very strong brand reputation and has become a household name due its links with EBay. In recent years PayPal has become more than just a way to pay for EBay purchases and has become a very common gateway. You may have used PayPal to pay your deposit on Cheap Takeaway Menus, it gives the security needed while developing an online business relationship. It does cost 3.5% extra to use PayPal on Cheap Takeaway Menus, this covers most of the PayPal fees we are charged. Once the trust is gained we have noticed that balance payments are normally made using BACs transfer to avoid the high PayPal fees. So it is common for users to pay extra for the security that PayPal provides.

PayPal’s major advantage is that if your customer’s login into their PayPal account you don’t have to fill any details to make the payment, they simply login and chose their payment card from the options already saved in your PayPal account.

Your customers can still pay using a debit or credit card if they don’t have a PayPal account set up, please see the payment screen below


PayPal is very easy to set up. You can create an account. Its best to choose the free option to get you going as the contract version is only worthwhile with really high volumes of sales, please feel free to check out the rates for yourself as these could have changed since this article has been prepared.

PayPal prides itself with strong user protection, if you have used EBay and PayPal you will know that your purchase is protected if something goes wrong.

Easy to make a refund, all you have to do is find and open the transaction in your PayPal account online and select “Issue a refund”. All the PayPal fees are refunded too so your customer receives the full amount back and it doesn’t cost you anything.

No need for any security on your website as all payment transactions are made on the PayPal website. When your customer selects the PayPal payment option your Cheap Takeaway Menus website will automatically take your customer to the PayPal website where they can safely make the payment. Once completed the users can return to your website, if the payment was successfully taken by PayPal the order will be completed by the system.

The PayPal account can be upgraded to a Professional account at any time, but isn’t worth it unless you have a large amount of turnover coming in through the PayPal gateway.

Disadvantages of PayPal

Very high transaction fees of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction using debit or credit cards. So for to collect a £10 order payment using PayPal will cost you (£10 x 3.4%) + 20p = 54p and for a £20 order (£20 x 3.4%) + 20p = 88p.

Fees drop to 2.9% + 20p when the monthly payments received via PayPal are over £1,500, 2.4% + 20p over £6,000, 1.9% +20p over £15,000 and 1.4% + 20p for over £55,000. If your takeaway is lucky enough to collect £1,500 via PayPal this would indicate an online monthly turnover of £6,000 (based on the transaction breakdowns mentioned earlier i.e. cash/Worldpay/PayPal 50%/25%/25%)

The high transaction fees are the same for both debit card and credit card transactions.

You must login into your PayPal account online and transfer the PayPal balance into your bank account.

The PayPal account needs to be verified with your bank account. In order to do this PayPal transfer money into your account using a code as the transaction reference. This code must be entered into the PayPal website to verify that the bank account is yours. Once this is done you can access the money collected by PayPal.


PayPal debit their fees instantly when they collect the money from your customer so you cannot earn any interest like you can with Worldpay.

There are many other online payment gateway providers such as Barclaycard, Sagepay and PayPoint to name just a few. At Cheap Takeaway Menus we will work with any provider to integrate their system into ours. This may take time to schedule into our development program as we must always work for the benefit of the many and not the few.

We highly recommend providing your customers with as many ways to pay as possible with cash, Worldpay and PayPal being the minimum requirement. Our system will also allow you to take card payments at the time of delivery using a GPRS terminal or to take card payments over the phone, the latter should only be used as a short term stop gap while a permanent online gateway is being applied or integrated.


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