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Successful Takeaways Always Upsell!

Cheap Takeaway Menus can offer you great takeaway menu design and high quality cheap menu printing. If you want proven and professional takeaway menu design we can provide it. How about cheap menu printing of your design? We can upgrade your purchase and do that too. Why not take a cheap takeaway ordering website as well? Our websites are state of the art. You can get all your takeaway menu needs dealt with at Cheap Takeaway Menus. 

See what we did there? We told you about our takeaway menu design and how good it is. Then we told you that upgrading your menu design order to include printing is something we can provide you with too. Finally, we offered you the icing on the cheap takeaway menus cake: a lovely takeaway ordering website. Crudely done, but that was a basic example of upselling. (Very crudely done! –CTM) 




Okay, businesses do it, businesses need to do it; takeaway businesses even more than most. Your takeaway business is about making money. Upselling is a proven method for increasing profits. The phrase ‘would you like fries with that?’ has passed into common parlance, has even become a punchline to some, but the simple truth is that ‘would you like fries with that?’ is a basic and extremely successful upselling technique. It is part of how a successful takeaway should operate. How many times have you said yes to that question? I know I’ve said it many times. It works, because upselling can work when it’s done right; and when it’s done right you can significantly increase your takeaway profits


All sales techniques are geared towards increasing takeaway profits. In its most mercenary definition, upselling is simply getting a customer to spend more than he was originally intending by upgrading his order. You can offer fries or make the meal larger (larger fries, larger drink). The customer wants the extra, but does not know that he wants it until you point it out; that’s the psychology of upselling.


The enticement is already half done for you – the customer is making an order, they want to eat your food. You have their attention and they are about to order from your takeaway menu. To make yourself a more successful takeaway you should capitalise on this. Not trying to upsell at this point means missing an opportunity. You’ve already marketed good food at a good price; while you have their interest, offer them something even better.


Imagine yourself as the customer being offered something extra that they didn’t actually come in to order which will mean them spending more money? Why should they do this?


How can they win? You need to tell them how, because if the customer wins, then you win. You win by increasing profits, which is your primary goal.


As a rule, people can tell the difference between low cost and good value. If the increase in price is low compared to the extra benefits then the customer will see the attraction of it.


So, the extra fries are offered cheaper than the normal price, the larger meal is better value than the regular one, the extra pizza toppings will effectively give you a more expensive pizza for less. The upsell is a deal, something out of the ordinary just between the two of you, something to make the customer feel they have won.


A good takeaway server in a successful takeaway should know the menu backwards. What you are looking for is the opportunity to add value or a perception of value to a customer’s order while increasing profit. Every item on the menu could contain an opening for an upsell. A thoughtful and well-designed takeaway menu can build upselling and cross-selling opportunities into it.

Why should I upsell?


If you think of it as pure sales you’ll be approaching it as pure sales, but it can be much more subtle than that. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. Try calling it something else when you think about it. Call it ‘enhancing an order’ or ‘making an offer’ or ‘specialising’. The hard sell will fall on deaf ears. The creative approach, integrating it into your business philosophy, will give you much better results.


Upselling is a small change in strategy which can potentially yield a large increase in revenue. If you try to upsell on every takeaway order, your success rate will never be less than not trying at all. If you do it right and have the right products and offers ready to go, then your takeaway might be netting more profit from an evening’s work than you expect.


Another reason it’s wise to build upselling to into your sales techniques is customer experience. Remember the idea of winning? That is a customer service idea. The customer is expecting happiness and contentment at the end of their journey with you. The takeaway ordering process was smooth, the takeaway order was delivered on time, and the food was great. Surely all the good things a takeaway business wants to hear. But what if the upsell means the customer feels that they got just that little bit extra: the food was great and I got extra fries half price; the food was great and because I ordered it all as a meal I got a drink too; the food was great and I went for the larger size for hardly any more money. That’s the difference between serving a customer and customer service.


Increased revenue, increased customer satisfaction. A win-win scenario.                                             The question here isn’t ‘why should I upsell?’ but ‘why am I not upselling more?’


Get to know your customers. Chances are you will have regulars. They may order the same thing every time or they may not but their continued custom is allowing you to learn their likes, their habits, even their weaknesses. All of these present opportunities for upselling. A customer likes to know he’s been remembered and thought about enough to be offered something bigger and better. Great personal technique can make it look less like sales and more like customer service. These are all ingredients in a successful takeaway.


Upselling is a powerful sales tool which should be part of your sales arsenal. Often used in conjunction with cross-selling (selling an additional product), the two approaches can provide a substantial increase in revenue, making your takeaway more profitable and customers more satisfied. A successful takeaway should be looking to incorporate these ideas as a matter of course? But remember to train your staff well, because the basic rule of any selling is You Have To Ask.



Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

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  • Good menu design makes you money!

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