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How many menus should I order?

Cheap Takeaway Menus is dedicated to providing high quality takeaway menus, professionally designed and printed, for a low cost. We see a takeaway menu as more than just a list of meals and a contact number; to us it is a vital and specific marketing tool. It plays a huge part in building your takeaway business. It serves purposes far beyond the obvious, which is why our menu designers and menu printers – and everyone at Cheap Takeaway Menus – always aim to provide the best quality product for the lowest price.

We are all too aware that many people see a takeaway menu as a disposable object, something which more often than not finds its way quickly to the bottom of a drawer, or even the bin. This is a fact which can’t be ignored; and because you can’t ignore it, you need to embrace it. The life of a takeaway menu can be a short one, but what it might lack in long life, it can make up for in sheer numbers and stubbornness. Factoring this idea into your thinking will be what sets your menu apart from the rest.

There is a reason why Cheap Takeaway Menus runs special offers giving immense value to its customers for ordering, say, 100,000 menus in one go. The chances are pretty high that for a successful distribution campaign you’re going to need that many.

So how many should you order? The truth is that there is no exact number. You need to find the right balance for your own business needs (and business plan). So there are a number of interrelated things you should take into account when you are working this out.


This is the most important thing to consider when you are working out your order.We have found that our most successful takeaway clients are distributing approximately 2000 to 3000 menus every single week. From this outlay it is reasonable to expect up to a 10% return i.e. 200 to 300 orders as a direct result of the menu distribution.By building these kinds of numbers into your planning and budgeting you can accurately calculate exactly how many to order. If you are planning a targeted distribution campaign or a one off distribution project (i.e. testing the success of new ways of distributing) you may want to stock up on extra menus. Deciding on a distribution plan will directly influence your order. Cheap Takeaway Menus has put together a guide to distributing your menus which examines the different approaches and best strategies to help your little takeaway menus to put in some solid work for your business. It has some great hints and tips to help you plan your campaign. Click here to read more. 


This is a simple, practical, logistical question you need to ask yourself. Where will you be storing your surplus until they are needed? Will they be safe and secure? Will they remain in the best condition? Would you be better making regular smaller orders or one large order and having your menus to hand?


Is it in your interests to have so many menus in stock? Are you tying up money which you may need for something else. A long, productive and happy life is the goal of all takeaways, so making sure your cash flow isn’t affected by your menu stock should be something you take into account. Of course, you will have included menu stock in your budget, but make sure the figures add up and your investment will be immediately useful. Remember, our turnaround is pretty darn fast, so you can get another order to us anytime and we will get to work for you.


As we said earlier, there is a reason we put together some great special offers, because we know that the larger your army of menus, the more territory they will be able to cover. With this in mind it may often be worth making that investment when the special offers come around (they change every month). Your distribution strategy should be flexible enough to be mobilised every time you get your hands on a surplus, or if you do have the storage capacity to stockpile when a good deal arises, take advantage while prices are low.


If you have some plans to make changes - to your menu items, your special offers, your prices, or even your delivery or online ordering website details – it may be worth waiting before placing a big order until you are ready for those changes to come into effect. If you have ordered from us before we can make the changes when you need us to, but it’s better to be ready to go with any changes immediately. It goes without saying that you don’t want to have piles of out of date menus left undelivered. Time your order right and the changes you make will happen smoothly.

What you will find, and this is something that we stress a lot in our articles, advice, and conversations, is that your takeaway menu is the single most important business tool at your disposal. Using it to its fullest potential will benefit your takeaway business. Having enough menus for them to make a difference is crucial.

When it comes to deciding how many menus to order we would say that the best approach is to know what you want to do with your menus before you buy. We don’t want you to waste their potential, partly because we want to keep providing you with them, but mostly because we are proud of the little beauties. We know what goes into them, what they are capable of, and what they mean to you and your business, and we want them to work for you. They are important little documents which need to be used correctly.

So have a think about how they (and we) can best serve the interests of your takeaway. If you want to discuss this further with us, by all means contact us and we will try to answer any questions you might have.


Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

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  • Good menu design makes you money!

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Kevin Moyse

With over 19 years creative marketing experience Kevin has a wonderful knowledge of takeaway restaurant industry and specialises in creative takeaway menu design and printing.

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