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Five things you can do to increase your business in 2017


Happy New Year from everyone here at Cheap Takeaway Menus! Another year of professional menu design and high quality menu printing lies in store for us and we couldn’t be more excited to get stuck in again. Now that the festivities have come to an end and we’re into January this is a great time to make a few additions or changes to your takeaway business, mix things up a little, try something new or get around to something you’ve been meaning to do. Let’s call them your New Year’s resolutions. You can do one, or all, or all that apply to you, or indeed you can do something completely different, but let 2017 know that you mean business.

Here are five changes you can make to increase your takeaway’s profits in the coming year:

1. Redesign your menu

This is what we are all about. You may already have some of our top quality, low cost takeaway menus out there grafting for you or you may be a new customer looking for some fresh ideas. Either way you’re in the right place. Redesigning your menu to get into that new year/new you vibe is a great way to reinvigorate your takeaway. A glossy new menu will stand out from everything else which drops through a customer’s letterbox. Alternatively this could be your chance to make some of the additions and changes to your menu that you’ve been thinking about for a while (getting them down on paper and up on a customer’s fridge door can be a real motivator to do good work). Or you may have simply fallen out with your current design and you’re looking for new ideas.

Whatever your reason, a redesign can be a boon to your takeaway. It can inject new energy into the business, reignite your customers’ love affair with your food, and simply keep your image modern and up-to-date. Think of it as redecoration. If we didn’t do it once in a while we’d all still have polystyrene-covered chimney breasts and stucco ceilings. Check out our guides on how to design your menu and what is important for your menu.

2. Get a website

If you don’t already have a website you’re missing out on a lucrative income stream. Visit our sister site Cheap Takeaway Websites and take a look at what they can offer. Once purchased the website belongs to you so every bit of profit you make from it goes into your pocket rather than anyone skimming a bit from you, like Just Eat or hungryhouse do. The sites are totally user-friendly so you can log in day or night and make changes which will show up instantly. If you sign up for a website you are eligible for the preferential rates we have negotiated with Worldpay, saving you even more. Your site will automatically receive updates when they become available and you won’t have to pay anything for them. That’s just a taste of what our online ordering systems can do. for more info and to have a look around.

3. Start upselling

Most businesses need to upsell. In fact, in today’s world, bombarded as we are with advertising and enticements, upselling is as natural a sales technique as any. If done right it can be a sleight of hand which the customer doesn’t see coming and doesn’t mind when it arrives. The psychology behind it is fascinating: getting someone to buy something they didn’t know they wanted until they were told that they wanted it. Chances are that you already upsell as part of your menu selections, but there is always room for opportunity. And if you aren’t upselling already, give it a try. It’s not difficult to work ‘large fries’ or ‘supersize that order’ into conversation with a customer. Check out our article on upselling for a few hints and tips.

4. Change your distribution strategy

Those fantastic full colour menus we can provide are perhaps the most powerful business tool you have at your disposal. They are your takeaway in miniature; they are your business out in the world, working for you. The least you can do is use them properly. There could be the tiniest difference between your current menu distribution and a new strategy, and that could be the difference that makes your profits soar. You have a variety of options when it comes to menu distribution, both in terms of how your menus are delivered through the door and how the pattern of distribution is worked out to give you the optimum coverage and the greatest potential for new business.

Even if you have a tried and tested menu distribution strategy and it appears to be offering you a decent return of orders, try to mix it up, rotate between two or three different approaches and see what kind of results you get. You may end up discovering that rather than simply replacing one workable distribution pattern with another, what you have done is doubled or tripled your potential business. Sticking with what works is great, adding to what works is better. Check out our guide to menu distribution here.

5. Market your business

Talking to you about marketing your takeaway probably means we’re preaching to the choir here; after all, no one thinks more about your business than you do. You might have figured out the best way to market your takeaway from any one of the multiple options open to you. But you may have missed one, or you may not be using the methods best suited to you, or optimising the methods you are using. Marketing is about applying an overall approach and seeing the bigger picture rather than concentrating on a single avenue, so putting together a strategy is something which can take a great deal of thought, planning, and even trial and error to get right. Along the way though you will probably find out a few things about your takeaway business that you didn’t know, and you’ll probably be surprised by the ways in which your takeaway’s name and reputation travels. We have an interesting article which goes into detail about marketing your takeaway.

There is so much you can do to help your business thrive this year. These are just a few ideas and it’s likely you have had more than a few yourself. Now is the time to do it. There’s a whole fresh and untouched year ahead just waiting for you to put your takeaway’s name all over it. When that happens it’ll definitely be a happy new year.


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