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About Us - Menu printing and menu design experts!

Client Testimonials

Hassle free, effort free and cost effective....sums up Cheap Takeaway Menus. You guys have done a great job on the design for my new takeaway menus and made the whole menu printing process easy and straight forward. I found it very easy to do everything via email and by using the website. I will be back as soon as my menus need to be re-printed as I will definitely use you again and again. Ive also told all my friends about you so hopefully they will order their menu printing with you soon. Thanks for providing such an efficient and easy to use service.

Paul Shamer Director - Balti House Indian Restaurant Leeds

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Menu printing and great takeaway menu design is what Cheap Takeaway Menus do best, all day every day! We are professional UK takeaway menu designers and takeaway menu printers producing high quality, low cost takeaway menus. So if you need cheap menu printers for your takeaway restaurant, well done, you've come direct to the cheapest takeaway menu printing experts in the UK!

How to Order from Cheap Takeaway Menus 

Here at Cheap Takeaway Menus we specialise in cheap takeaway menu printing and takeaway leaflet printing. Cheap Takeaway Menus provide high quality, low cost, full colour, double sided takeaway menu printing at affordable prices to suit any budget. All our cheap menu printing prices are fully inclusive of takeaway menu design, menu artwork, full colour, double sided takeaway menu printing, menu folding and delivery to one UK Mainland address. With Cheap Takeaway Menus there are absolutely no hidden takeaway menu printing costs.

FREE setup for a Takeaway Ordering Website

We are also giving away FREE setup for online food ordering websites, worth over £150, with all cheap menu printing orders. This offer is for a limited time period only, click through for more information about the free websites functionality. Our websites are only £250 per year - NO commision fees - NO Monthly fees - NO waiting for your money! - Make changes 24/7 yourself.  

Monthly Special OFFERS

We are constantly running monthly cheap menu printing special offers so you can save even more money on our great cheap menu printing prices. In addition to these very low takeaway menu printing prices we also provide high quality takeaway menu design and print ready artwork. Cheap Takeaway Menus have a team of highly skilled and professional takeaway menu designers. They design high quality takeaway menus and takeaway logos, no two menu designs are the same. We do not use standardised design templates like many cheap menu printers. All our menu designs are bespoke and custom created to suit your takeaway’s brand image.

No hidden costs!

With our cheap menu printing prices there are absolutely NO hidden costs. Our takeaway menu printing prices are fully inclusive of high quality menu design, menu artwork, menu printing, up to three folds and UK mainland delivery to one address (some remote areas may incur an additional charge please contact us for more information)

Money back guarantee

Our takeaway menu designers have over 100 years collective experience designing great looking bespoke takeaway menu designs. We are confident they will create artwork that you are 100% happy with, if not we offer a full 100% refund on your menu design deposit (as long as we have not made any requested alterations). Our proof approval process makes it easy and painless to track how your artwork is progressing. You will be given online proofs to provide your feedback until you are happy to sign off the artwork for menu printing. Once printed, trimmed, folded and packaged your printed menus will be delivered direct to one U.K. mainland address.


Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

  • All takeaway menu printing prices include

    design, folding and delivery*

    *one UK mainland address, some areas may incur an extra fee

  • Good menu design makes you money!

    Cheap menu printing saves you money!

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How does it work? - A brief guide to the proccess of ordering your menus

We have tried to make working with Cheap Takeaway Menus and printing your menus as easy and simple as possible.


Order Process

1 - Choose your takeaway menu product.

2 - Create a basic account using your name, email and password.

3 - Make a payment - you can choose to pay a £75 artwork deposit or the full amount.

Production Process

4 - We will contact you to collect your account details, your menu information and to create a design brief.

5 - Your first menu design proof will be ready in 3 full working days. We provide two free sets of changes (a total of three free design proofs) - extra proofs are available at £25 per proof.

6 - Once the design is approved and signed off we collect the full balance and purchase any professional stock images.

7 - We will then create a print ready artwork which will also require signing off prior to your job being sent to print. This is your last chance to make any changes. If additional print ready files are required they are charged at £25 each.

8 -  Your takeaway menus will be delivered in 5 - 10 full working days after the artwork sign-off.

Latest Article - Great advice from the Cheap Takeaway Menus experts

Reducing costs, gaining customers, retaining quality

1st Feb 2017

By Kevin Moyse

At Cheap Takeaway Menus we are all about finding the perfect balance between cost and quality, when it comes to takeaway menus and menu printing. We don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. We think that it is not only possible to provide professionally designed and printed, high quality, full colour takeaway menus for a low cost, it is senseless to do anything else. Sure, we are a business and we are interested in our own success, but if it comes by not paying much attention to the needs of our customers, then it is counter-productive. Your takeaway is vital to our takeaway menu business. If we provide cheap takeaway menus of high quality, we help your takeaway thrive. If your takeaway thrives, Cheap Takeaway Menus succeeds too. It’s simple, it’s logical, it’s sensible, it’s good business.

So we’re well into the new year now. Business plans are being followed, changes are being thought about, the rest of the year lies ahead waiting for your business to pass through, making money as it goes. How about a few little tweaks to maximise your bank balance? Here are a couple of ideas for saving, and therefore making, some extra money.


You’ll know from experience that if your menu prices are set too low you’re in danger of going broke, and if you’re too pricey then customers will stay away in droves. Walking that fine line between being competitive and profitable is a skill all business owners have to learn. The best way to do that is through research, but more importantly it is by knowing your business inside out. In your case it’ll be knowing your business inside out and your menu inside out, back to front, side to side, and upside down. Having that knowledge equips you with all the raw materials you need to work out how to be profitable (or more profitable). You may have already done this in the past, but it can’t do any harm for you to revisit a few figures to see what might have changed, and to adjust your selling strategy accordingly.

The first thing to do is to calculate both your fixed costs and your variable costs. Fixed costs include rent, staff, printed takeaway menus, loan repayments, insurance etc. Variable costs are for the actual food you sell so this means ingredients, fuel for delivery vehicles, gas/electricity to heat the oven etc. Using a single week pide all your fixed costs so that you know how much it costs you to keep your takeaway open without actually selling food: this will give you a figure for the total fixed cost to run your takeaway business for a week. This amount equals the absolute minimum total profit you need to make from all sales within that period to maintain your business to break even.

Next you need to work out the variable costs. Start all the ingredients. Weigh the ingredients for each product and work what a single dish will cost. Also how much will it cost to run your oven or stove to make the product. Add this to the cost of the ingredients. Add on any other variable costs i.e. packaging and delivery costs to calculate how much it costs in total to produce your food.

Once you have worked out what your products cost to produce you can add on your gross profit margin. This is usually about 60-70% of the selling price and can be easily worked out by multiplying the variable costs by 3.5. So if a menu item costs you £1.00 to make you need to price it at approximately £3.50. The total gross profit margin of all your sales must be higher than your fixed costs. Therefore if the weekly fixed costs are £1,000 you need a weekly turnover of £1,400 (£1,000 gross profit margin on variable costs of £400 to break even. In this scenario net profit is achieved when sales are over £1,400 per week. It is vital to know fixed and variable costs to ensure your total gross profit margin is enough to generate any net profit.

To work out a product’s selling price


To work out the sales needed to achieve minimum Gross Profit Margin


To work out your Gross Profit margin from your Total Sales



It might seem like taking cheeky short cuts is a sure-fire way of saving money. It isn’t. Quality breeds success. Poor quality will be found out. So when it comes to your suppliers don’t skimp, but be smart. Shop around, find the right balance – great quality and reasonable price. If you don’t you will be lumbered with poor quality supplies from suppliers who will have little to lose by letting you down.

This philosophy doesn’t just apply to your ingredients, it goes for every supplier: your packaging, your uniforms, your equipment, and of course your takeaway menus. You’re looking for high quality at a low cost from a reliable source. So in essence you are looking for Cheap Takeaway Menus to supply your menus, and companies with the same commitment and quality as us to supply you with everything else.


Know your customers. Who are they? Knowing your customers and knowing your business go hand in hand. Your location, your image, your service, your products, and your reputation will all influence the type of clientele you attract. If you want to consolidate that customer base have a think about introducing a few variations on the same theme, removing less popular items, enticing them to make more orders. If you want to try to widen the demographic, then perhaps examine how you can augment your menu or your services. Perhaps you don’t yet have a website or your delivery area could be added to (see below).

Don’t be afraid of change, change can be good. If you look at your takeaway now compared to when you opened, there have probably been a lot of changes. Change can mean the difference between success and great success. And don’t forget, it’s as easy to change something back to the way it was if it doesn’t quite pay off for you. The only thing that should be set in stone is your flexibility.


If you don’t deliver, start. If you do deliver, deliver more. It’s the perfect way to build up your customer base. Who doesn’t love having the ability to sit in your armchair, order and pay for food, and then sit back until there’s a knock and the door delivering it. We’ve talked about delivery areas and menu distribution strategy before, so you know there are systems which you can try which have a measurable effect. Increasing the area you deliver to, by just a mile or two will generate more business for your takeaway.

Just make sure that you factor it in to your budget. The further you deliver puts your variable costs up and this needs to be accounted for. Additionally, it may increase delivery times so perhaps rethink your delivery rota and buy some more hot boxes to make sure your food is as impressive when it arrives as it was when it left.


Promotional opportunities are so widespread and available these days that you can virtually bombard your audience with information. Best not to do that though because saturation is not often the best way forward, but what we’re saying is that the chances are there to promote yourself and to do it well and to do it thoroughly. We’re not just talking about advertising here; business promotion has gone so far beyond advertising now that traditional adverts are better used sparingly and spectacularly to achieve the right effect and the right result. These days social media is a great way of instantly interacting with your customers, as is building up a database of your customers’ contact details (email addresses, mobile numbers etc.) so you can let them know about menu changes and special offers, or even specifically target them with marketing materials. Keeping your customers up to date with everything going on in your takeaway keeps you in their heads and if you exist in that mental landscape you are easily brought to mind.

Your takeaway business, like any business, is an organic thing. It lives and breathes, grows and progresses and changes. Making adjustments to all aspects of your business is a fantastic way to nurture it. You can get rid of what doesn’t work, try something completely new, or make what works work better. Little twists on existing strategies show that you take nothing for granted, that you think of your customers’ needs as much as you think of your own, and that you think about the future and you see yourself there.


Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

Latest Offer - This months takeaway menu printing special offer

Menu Printing - New CTM May 2016 Special Offers

1st May 2016

By Kevin Moyse

50,000, A4 Takeaway Menus, Save £55 off the RRP.

5,000, A4 Takeaway Menus, Save £45 off the RRP.

50,000, A3 Takeaway Menus, Save £55 off the RRP. 

5,000, A3 Takeaway Menus, Save £45 off the RRP.

50,000, A4 Extended Takeaway MenusSave £55 off the RRP. 

50,000, B4 Takeaway MenusSave £55 off the RRP. 

5,000, A5 Takeaway Flyers, Save £35 off the RRP. 

These offers end 31st May 2016 so grab a bargain while you can!

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Good menu design makes you money!
Cheap menu printing saves you money!

Latest Article

Reducing costs, gaining customers, retaining quality

At Cheap Takeaway Menus we are all about finding the perfect balance between cost and quality, when it comes to takeaway menus and menu printing. We don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. We think that it is not only possible to provide pro...Click to read more

1st Feb 2017

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My new takeaway menus just arrived, great thanks. I will be using you guys again!

Sammy Brooks - Millenium Pizza


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